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2粒装传统月饼礼盒-紫色 [10pcs] @ RM3.30/pc

2粒装传统月饼礼盒-红色 [10pcs] @ RM3.30/pc

4粒装传统月饼礼盒-紫色 [10pcs] @ RM6.60

4粒装传统月饼礼盒-红色 [10pcs] @ RM6.60/pc

RM 33.00Add to CartRM 33.00Add to CartRM 66.00Add to CartRM 66.00Add to Cart

Cake Box 8"x8"x5" with Handle @ RM3.96/pc

Cake Box 10"x10"x5" with Handle @ RM4.62/pc

Cake Box 12"x12"x5" with Handle @ RM5.50/pc

Cake Box 8"x8"x5" with L Shape Window @ RM3.30/pc

RM 3.96Add to CartRM 4.62Add to CartRM 5.50Add to CartRM 3.30Add to Cart

3's Cupcake Box @ RM2.60/set x【10sets】=

4's Cupcake Box @ RM3.30/set x【10sets】=

5's Cupcake Box (A) @ RM3.70/set x【10sets】=

5's Cupcake Box (B) @ RM4.00/set x【10sets】=

RM 26.00Add to CartRM 33.00Add to CartRM 37.00Add to CartRM 40.00Add to Cart

Multiple Functions Box with String and Tray @ RM3.00/set x【15sets】=

Multiple Functions Box with Handle and Tray @ RM3.00/pc x【15pcs】=

RM 45.00Add to CartRM 45.00Add to Cart  

Gift Box with Handle @ RM2.50/pc x【15pcs】=

RM 37.50Add to Cart   

3's Donut Box

6's Donut Box 【15pcs x RM2.80/pc】

12's Donut Box 【15pcs x RM3.50/pc】

RM 36.00Add to CartRM 42.00Add to CartRM 52.50Add to Cart 

Baby Full Moon Gift Box @ RM3.80/pc x【10pcs】=

RM 38.00Add to Cart   

Asia Star Packaging Award 2016!

Singapore Packaging Star Award 2015


Sliming Products Box

Supplement Product Box


Lipstick Box


Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box


ST Calendar



Mask Stand

Membership Card Set

Lucky Draw Box

Commercial Standee

Cookies Box

Wafer Roll Box

Egg Roll Box

Cookies Box

Coffee Box

Coffee Box


Customize Creativity Packaging Box

Cocoa Shaky Box


Courier Box


Display Box


Essence of Chicken Outer Box

Essences of Fish Box (Aloe Vera)


Bird's Nest Drink Box

Drinking Packaging Box

Drinking Packaging Box

Gift Box

Frozen Food Box

Frozen Pizza Box

Ice Cream Box

Scallop Box

Glove Box

Glove Box


Bird's Nest Box

Hardcover Box

Hard Cover Packaging Box

Shoe Box

Beauty Product Box

Mask Box


Paper Bag

Paper Bag


Fiber Box

Drinking Packaging Box

Supplement Products Box

Supplement Products Box

Beauty Product Box

Cleansing Box


Soap Box


Toothpaste Box

Toothpaste Box


Tissue Box


A to Z Project


Hexagonal Top & Bottom


Top & Bottom

Auto Lock Bottom with Handle

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