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Stimex Packaging Sdn Bhd has been supplying food-grade box packaging to the bakery industry since its inception in 2012. Recognizing that most bakery products in the market will directly touch the inside of the box, we are committed to using 100% food-grade kraft cards. In addition to being hygienic and safe, our boxes are also water-resistant and durable enough to be used for refrigeration. We deeply understand that health is the most perfect packaging, so we abandon non-food grade paper as direct contact with food box packaging. The so-called non-food-grade paper (greyback box board) on the market is made from recycled paper, the back surface layer, that is, the inside of the box will be separated from the paper shreds so that over the long term those falling in the baked goods paper shreds will have a great impact on human health.

Therefore, we realized that the packaging of bakery products must be reformed, so we created our own brand Penguin Box Home in 2017, using 100% food-grade kraft cards to manufacture ready-made boxes for bakery products, alleviating the burden of micro-bakers, including home-based bakers, who need to stock many quality boxes. Our ready-made boxes include small and large cake boxes, sandwich cake roll boxes, cupcake boxes, donut boxes, egg roll boxes, cookies, fresh fruit tarts, macarons, mooncake gift boxes, and matching boxes. As you can see, let us prove to you that using our food-grade box packaging can create a value proposition for your bakery products and enhance a positive image of health and hygiene.