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Cake Box

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Cake Box 8"x8"x5" with Handle @ RM3.96/pc

Cake Box 10"x10"x5" with Handle @ RM4.62/pc

Cake Box 12"x12"x5" with Handle @ RM5.50/pc

Cake Box 8"x8"x5" with L Shape Window @ RM3.30/pc

RM 3.96Add to CartRM 4.62Add to CartRM 5.50Add to CartRM 3.30Add to Cart

Cake Box 10"x10"x5" with L Shape Window @ RM3.74/pc

Cake Box 12"x12"x5" with L Shape Window @ RM4.18/pc

Cake Box 4"x4"x3" @ RM0.77/pc

Cake Box 6"x4"x3" @ RM1.10/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

RM 3.74Add to CartRM 4.18Add to CartRM 0.77Add to CartRM 11.00Add to Cart

Cake Box 6"x6"x3" @ RM1.20/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 12"x12"x12" with Handle @ RM15.00/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 9"x9"x6" with L Shape Window @ RM3.80/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 11"x11"x6" with L Shape Window @RM4.40/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

RM 12.00Add to CartRM 150.00Add to CartRM 38.00Add to CartRM 44.00Add to Cart

Cake Box 7"x7"x4" with L Shape Window @ RM2.50/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 6"x6"x6" with L Shape Window @ RM3.60 x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 8"x8"x8" with L Shape Window @ RM4.30 x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 6"x6"x6" with Handle @ RM4.00 x ¡¾10pcs¡¿=

RM 25.00Add to CartRM 36.00Add to CartRM 43.00Add to CartRM 40.00Add to Cart

Cake Box 8"x8"x8" with Handle @ RM4.70/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 8"x8"x3" with L Shape Window @ RM3.00/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 9"x9"x4" with L Shape Window @ RM3.70/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 10"x10"x10" with L Shape Window @ RM6.00 x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

RM 47.00Add to CartRM 30.00Add to CartRM 37.00Add to CartRM 60.00Add to Cart

Cake Box 10"x10"x3" with L Shape Window @ RM3.40/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 4"x4"x4" @ RM1.10/pc x¡¾10pc¡¿=

Cake Box 6"x4"x4" @ RM1.20/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

Cake Box 6"x6"x4" @RM1.30/pc x¡¾10pcs¡¿=

RM 34.00Add to CartRM 11.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to CartRM 13.00Add to Cart
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